The Mission for Outreach Services Ltd. is to provide holistic care, which will prepare our residents for independence in adulthood without continued dependence upon public resources. We provide the following services:

Case Management

In an attempt to create a smooth transition into our program and group living environment all residents will be offered access to basic social services. We will provide professional input, oversight and advocacy, on our client?s behalf, with regard to any benefits and community-based programs wherein the client and/or their families may qualify

Individual and Group Counseling

Both individual and group counseling sessions will be held several times each week. Counseling services will be provided, in-house, by our Professional Counselors. Our Senior Youth Counselor speaks both English and Spanish.

Behavioral Modification and Management

A daily point system with four distinct levels will be implemented to manage and modify any dysfunctional, disruptive and inappropriate behaviors identified in the client?s case history and targeted in the client?s ISP. Positive reinforcement will be balanced with appropriate consequences to assist each resident in attaining both short and long term behavioral goals.

Life Skills and Independent Living

Using proven counseling methods, group discussions, impromptu opportunities as they present themselves and in-house activities, Outreach Services Ltd. will teach our residents the importance of making good decisions. It is our goal to develop the client?s problem-solving abilities and teach them how to work through difficulties in life as they arise.

Career Development and Job Skills Training

Age appropriate career exploration activities will be achieved through participation in local programs. Our residents will be exposed to professionals from various career paths. Outreach Services Ltd. will coordinate job training and placement activities primarily through the VA Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Education Management and Academic Assistance

Our Program Director, Assistant Director, and Professional Counseling Staff, will all serve as liaisons to the school(s) that our residents will attend. Through regular contact with each resident?s teacher(s) and guidance counselor, the staff will work in conjunction with the schools? administration to help our clients reach, maintain and exceed their identified goals relative to their individual academic potential.

Social and Cultural Enrichment

We will expose our residents to a variety of cultural enrichment activities. The client?s ability to engage in positive and appropriate social interaction with the public in general, adults and peers alike will be assessed and documented.

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